You’ve Not Seen PLR Used Like THIS…

I understand. He gets stuff, usually lessons which are quite extensive. When he sees a class he likes, he gets images and renames it looks like it & rsquo ;s .

You Haven’t Seen PLR Used Like THIS...

So far so ordinary, right?

Instead of selling it as you would any other course, it is offered by him as a private training course which lasts for 30 or 45 days. And he sells it depending on the contents of this course.

Then he makes himself accessible via email and a week via Skype to answer any questions. Obviously he makes sure he knows the subject well, but anybody who’s been marketing for any length of time will understand the fundamentals well enough to perform this.

He also limits the amount of people who can connect to somewhere between 10 and 25, depending on the course. This produces urgency, and it & rsquo; s not uncommon for a class to fill. Because his membership is only $49 but if he sold a couple of mentoring courses, he’d still be lots in gain.

As they advance through the course the pupils do the real work. He answers inquiries. Since they’re learning , it & rsquo; s a fantastic deal for him and the students and they have someone. And he doesn’t put in much work to make the gain he gets.

You might think about this for an additional revenue stream In the event that you & rsquo; ve got a decent amount of online marketing experience yourself.

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