The Way to Ask For and Get Joint Ventures

You’t have a terrific deal that’s turning at 10% with earnings per click of $1.50. Is bound to earn money. So why is it when you email potential JV partners, you don’t?

How to Ask For and Get Joint Ventures

Let’s look at it. They probably get emails a day just like yours. They have a lot going on. They have a lot of income coming from. Theyrsquo;re not desperate to trade, but they understand if they do they can earn money. They need to get around to it, and they will, but if you don’t make it super simple for them it & rsquo; s probably not going to be with your product.

It’s true, you’re likely to get swipes in place and everything ready to go, but ’s not what we’re talking about.

She has to review your product to see if it & rsquo, Whenever someone receives your JV petition . That is normally likely to take an hour or more. Ll wish to form her own opinion of it so she can tell her record if she enjoys it, she & rsquo. More time. Then she’s got the autoresponder consideration to deal with. It’s an investment of time to get her, for certain. Frankly, she&rsquo be doing something different.

So to help push her in the path of choosing to perform this work for your product, here’s everything you can do:

Don’t ask for the promotion because that’s what everyone else does. Let her know you’ve obtained a & lsquo; ready to go rsquo, promotion &; for her mailing program if she hasn & rsquo; t.

Give a swipe email or two with her affiliate connection inserted right into it. Provide a review copy. Provide all the details, such as: Earnings per click, conversion rate, commission, that has promoted it.

By stating it’s ready to go advertising and providing all the details up front, you are standing apart from each other product owner who’s stating, “My product is great and that I ’m good and you ought to encourage me. ”

You’re focusing on what the JV partner wants and needs, and what’s inside for HER, not for you. Yes, it doesn’t even appear to be a large difference.

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