Telling the Truth Makes You More Money

You might think that the best way to make sales in the online marketing field is to promise a lot of money for very little work. After allwe see these products that promise you’ll rake in the dough by simply tapping your toes three days and whispering you want to get rich.

Telling the Truth Makes You More Money

Those sort of pie-in-the-sky promises can make for great fairy tales, but honestly your average Joe isn’t buying it.

You understand what people say (and believe)… “When it sounds too good to be true, it generally is. ”

The fact is, there are people that make hundreds of thousands of dollars online every year.

Some do it every month.

Some do it every day.

So just because it sounds too good to be true doesn’t make it . However, it is going to scare away a lot of buyers, since they don’t believe THEY can make a ton of money from home.

And those programs that promise the moon for a couple clicks? Their refund rates are normally in the 50 percent range. Ouch. Plus you’t got to wonder how well they sleep soundly during the night.

What ’s that the counterintuitive method of increasing your conversions in the earn money online / online marketing field?

It’s easy, really.

Tell them theyrsquo;re going to get to do the job.

Tell them theyrsquo;re going to have to devote an EFFORT.

Along with the outcomes they get will depend on what they actually DO.

Obviously any company will take work. But if you don’t TELL it will take work, they’ll probably mistake you for a scam.

So be honest and open about how much effort it will take. Doing so, you’ll find your products not only sell well, they’ll also continue to sell for a long time to come.

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