How to Mind Shift Your Website to Profit

You could not be blamed if you believe a blog exists to entertain and inform its readers. And a magazine exists to entertain and inform its readers. Right?

How to Mind Shift Your Blog to Huge Profit

In fact, this is the point where lots of information entrepreneurs go wrong.

Let’s pull a quote from an advertisement executive named James Collins:

“There’s nevertheless an illusion to the impact that a magazine is a periodical in which advertising is incidental. But we don&rsquo. A magazine is a device to induce people to read advertising. It’s a booklet with two departments — business and entertainment. The entertainment section finds tales, pictures, poetry, etc. . attention the public. The money is made by the business department. ”

James Collins said that .

In other words, 1907.

And it’so true now as it was. Perhaps even more so, with the arrival of the world wide web.

Is it that websites make you click hyperlinks to read the pages within an article, instead of placing it all

Is it that websites make lists of “The Top 20 __” and then make you scroll through each one, instead of placing the entire list on a single page? In case you need to visit 3 pages or 20 different slides to complete maybe 20 times or an article, you & rsquo; re exposed to 3 times the number of advertisements.

As a material marketer, you need to concentrate on two matters:

Supplying content that is interesting. It could be enlightening or entertaining or both, so long as it holds and catches attention. However, the content isn’t exactly what ’so keeping you profit — it’s the products you’re selling. Content is a means to a sale.

Making a profit. This profit could come from advertisements on the page, or products you promote, or products you create and sell.

1 business Entertainment and business.

When you view your business in this light, everything becomes much more clear. You understand what it is you need to do, and what’s more, what you don’t need to do.

Look at it this way: The sole purpose for your content (blog articles, podcasts, articles, free ebooks, tweets, posts, etc.) is to gather the particular audience you want.

So you tailor your content and choose your audience.

Now ideally you want your viewers to register up to your email list. This makes it much easier to do the business side of your business. If you are dependent on readers buy your merchandise or to click your ads. But using a list, it is possible to send emails to your prospects boosting.

On turning each reader you can to a 13, your focus should be. When you do, you offer them whatever it’s they already want.

Learn their needs and sell products and the solutions they want to them. Don’t try to forge new paths by instructing your viewers on what they “if ” want. This is. Rather, find what they desire and how they like to be sold. Then act accordingly.

Remember: Your content is a device.

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