3 Ways to Earn More from Your Products

Imagine if you were to do the exact same work and set on the following product in the exact same effort , only you produced 3 miniature changes and increased your income? Here’s …

3 Ways to Earn More from Your Products

1. Change the commission amount that you provide to affiliates. Should you normally give 100% to construct your list, consider offering only 60 or 70% rather. Your affiliates will send as much visitors, but you get to profit as well.

Alternative: Bump up the commission to 100%. If you normally pay 50 percent, then attempting bumping up it this time rather. Then offer an upsell in which the commission either split with affiliates, or take yourself to it all.

2. Add referral hyperlinks into your product. That is old school but it works. Choose a product or 2 of your own that match you’re selling and speak them up. Don&rsquo oversell, only mention with whatever it is they do, how they will help out.

Alternative: Insert the sales pages for the goods as index.html files into your download zip file. Or even better, do both.

3. Place links for other products in your own download page. This is prime property and a great spot to create other offers.

Alternative: Offer your affiliates a link to their product in your page if they will promote your product. At inspiring some affiliates, this works really well. Decide if you would like to split the profits with them from their goods, or let them keep 100% of their profits.

It’s surprising simple little tweaks may substantially add to your bottom line. You simply need to test out things and see what works best for you — it’s worth the few minutes it takes.

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